Monday, June 6, 2011

Payback is a B%$#&

So, needless to say, I was not the most well behaved child. I tended to make my own rules, instead of following my parents' rules, and always did things my way, and most of the time on my own time schedule, too. For example, when I was in 8th grade my friends and I decided that our curfew (no idea what time it was now) was not reasonable and since our parents refused to budge on the time, we would simply come home at curfew, talk and hang out till about midnight, then we would "go to sleep" and around 2am we would call a cab to the bottom of the street and sneak out for a few more hours of fun! Remember, I did not grow up in a particularly rural area where this kind of behavior would be less risky...I grew up in Baltimore City! Somehow, or someone, was looking out for us and nothing every happened on our crazy late nights, thank goodness.

Anyway, I am certainly getting paid back in my darling little daughter. Since birth this child has always known exactly what she wants and doesn't want.  At dinner if she says "no" or "all done" you better believe there is nothing you can do to get that kid to eat even a little bit more.

 So yesterday, we took A to the pool to cool off in the afternoon. As soon as we got there she went jumping into the leg deep water (on her, not me) and ran after boats, turtles, buckets, and shovels. This all seems pretty harmless...however, have you ever tried running in water that came up to the top of your legs? It is pretty challenging. So naturally when she was running around she would fall face first into the water with such force that her whole head would be under in the .6 seconds it took me to scoop her out. The first time this happened it was not very funny...but she enjoyed it more and more each time!

In addition to our little daredevil's behavior she has also started throwing temper-tantrums. If I say, "okay, A, time to go upstairs and have a tub!" She will tear across the room, screaming "nooooo" in a high pitched squeal, and when she is far enough out of my reach she will sink to the ground and cry. YIKES...I did not sign up for this!?! What happened to my sweet little girl who loved to do what she was told? Oh, wait, sorry I was thinking about a movie I had seen once. But really where is my spicy little meatball who still listens to mommy sometimes?

The good news? I have been told for years that someday I would have a child just like me, so at least I don't have to wait any longer to have this little barrel of crazy fun tearing around our lives!  

Wish me luck,
Daily Mom

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