Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last night was crazy! At 6:30pm our babysitter showed up, and we headed out the door for an unforgettable time at the U2 concert!  Our seats were perfect, the weather held out and we may or may not have come home with a giant 20lb tray of soft pretzels. I think the night took a turn for the worse when we decided flip cup was a good idea...oh yeah, and when we finally got back to the car after the concert and I realized my cell phone was still at our seats. At least the nice sprint back to the stadium, and a cold coconut water I snuck into the concert in the bottom of my purse, helped sober me up a bit.  Here are some pictures from the you can see the night got progressively sloppier after each song.

I feel like every few years you need one of those nights, to release some stress and let loose. However, this morning was a little less than ideal as my main focus was to not throw up on A, as I dominated a few of those delicious soft pretzels on our kitchen counter :) before we headed off to music class. A class I normally love, but one that seemed a little too loud and a little too hot this morning.

Daily Mom (who was very off duty last night)

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