Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a day!

Like I mentioned yesterday, today was going to be a very special day, not only because we were going to give Gigi her Christmas present, but because we were going to go pick out (and hopefully purchase) my Christmas present too, a new camera! Not only did we chat up a storm on our walk this morning, crunching through the leaves in the sunshine, but the clouds rolled in the minutes we pushed the stroller into the driveway...a sure sign it was time to get shopping. We started at Michael's where I picked up a few items for our upcoming Halloween party....see below...then we headed straight for Best Buy. I listened and listened to the pro's and con's of each camera (although let's be honest, of course I already had the one I wanted picked out in my head) and after some serious consideration we checked camera for me, a mini pillow pet for A, a princess camera for my niece's b-day, another mini pillow pet for my other niece, and because my mom is a sucker...a Thomas the Train video for A too.

And since A had just enough listening to rules and being held for one day, we made a stop at Barnes and Nobel to let my mom peruse some magazines, and let A have some much needed time with Thomas and his friends. As she zoomed them all over the track I had a second to sneak away and pick up her FAVORITE book series...Lama Lama.

So after dropping my mom off with a huge thank you, and getting A fed and snuggled in bed (after reading her new Lama Lama book twice) I enjoyed some nice quiet time reading all about my new camera! Oh, and I made a pumpkin for the centerpiece for our Halloween table too...
Just some black spray paint and adhesive rhinestones!

Hope your day was filled with something that made your heart beat a little faster, too!

Daily Mom


  1. What about your camera? What did you get??

    (Love A's pumpkin outfit!)

  2. Niall is obsessed with Thomas, too. We could spend all day at the train table in Barnes and Noble. And I love the pumpkin centerpiece!


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