Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Craft Day

I didn't have much time to blog today, because I spent all nap time working on my craft project! I can't show it to you yet because it is going to be a Christmas gift for my mom from A, and I know if I did post pictures of it, that would be the time she would have nothing to do and decide to check my blog.

But, I will give you some clues and revel the real thing at a later date.

Also, it is a multi step process, and I am not finished yet :)

Here are some hints! Hint Number 1:

Hint Number 2:
And Hint Number 3:

Get excited to see the finished project in a bit!

Daily Mom

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  1. You are really bad at keeping secrets! :-)

    I bet it will be AWESOME! Good idea!


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