Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Morning Ride

There is nothing I love more than going about my day and having some unexpected surprise come about to spread joy across my daughter's face, and this morning was one of those days!

Since my mom still can't drive because of her eye (detached retina...earlier post) I picked her up this morning with A just before nine to drive her out to her bridge group. Although her bridge group is only about 15 minutes away from her house, it was morning rush hour so she wanted to give it plenty of time. That meant for her 9:30 bridge we left at ten till 9. Being the stellar driver that I am, I made it out to her bridge location in about 12 minutes, which would put us right about 9:02am. After trying to convince me to take her to get coffee or drive around the block a few times, I suggested we head over to my sister's house (which is about 1 minute away) so I could raid their bookcases for some good new books for A.  

So around 9:03am we pulled into my sister's driveway (the one who lives in the country) swerved around two of their cats, avoided their dog, and waved to the bunny all before coming to a stop by their barn to find my sister and her youngest, Cate, riding her pony, Pumpkin. And although I am a total freak about A's safety, I do trust my sister impeccably, so as A got out of the car shouting, "pony, pony, pony" and my sister gave me the "why not" nod, I decided to let A take a spin around their vegetable garden.

She borrowed Cate's helmet, held on to the saddle, and squealed the entire ride. There is no way this could have worked out any better, because if I had planned it I am sure I would have been too nervous and put A in football pads, or something ridiculous. Or as luck would have it, that would be the day A decided to be scared of ponies. But not today...the sun was shining, A was having a blast, and Pumpkin was a great sport!  
"I want to go over there, please"

"Um...wait, maybe over there."

Cece: "A, you ready?"
A: "Yep, feet in the stirrups, holding the saddle, and I got my helmet!"

Umm...two hands please!

My little rider!

And because my sister is just as crazy as A, they even got to trot when A kept whining, "fast, fast, fast."

So after about 15 minutes of riding, and a trip to turn the ponies out, we headed inside to grab some books before dropping Gigi off at bridge and heading to gym class. Who knew you could have such amazing and impromptu adventures before 10am!

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  1. She looks like SUCH a big girl on that pony! Wow! I think these are some of my favorite pictures of all-time (or you know, like the last 9 months or so). :-)

    I think everyone should have access to a pony!


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