Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art Class

So I signed A up for art class today! I know, I know, she is only 1 3/4 (yes, I have officially upgraded her age!) but she loves to draw, paint, color, and in all fairness, it does run in our family. My oldest sister is an amazingly creative and artistic person, and you better believe my middle sister got the same genes. Me on the other hand...well I really like to try, but with my limited attention span, not a lot always gets finished.

Anyway, so I signed A up for art class...we went to Charm City Kids Club (the same place that earlier I was telling you about it's fantastic indoor play space) after Stroller Strides today because it was just too cold to stay outside any longer to play. I called E and Nicole and we decided that would be the perfect spot to meet before grabbing some lunch with the kiddos. When we arrived, they told me we could do a "drop in" to the art class today (since I had questioned them about it before) and see if we liked it and how the kids did in class.

Well let me just tell you...A LOVED it! It is a 45 minute class, and we started by gluing animals onto a large sheet of paper, then the teacher brought out some animal stamps and paint. Now, you know my kid and mess...but she was all about it! She even got some on her hands and wiped it across the me, this was a huge step forward!

When the kids tired of stamping, it was time to make play dough. The teacher used a new recipe I had never heard of before...and although the kids loved measuring, pouring, and mixing, I didn't like the end consistency. Here is what she used...

1 cup flour
1 cup salt
1 cup coffee grounds (she used Hazelnut, which did smell delicious)
2 cups water

It looked like cookies and cream, smelled like coffee, and had the consistency of wet sand. I think I will stick to the traditional method next time...but this could be fun for a change up.

Okay, back to art after the play dough was made, the kids each got a plate, rolling pin and some cookie cutters to mess around with. A loved cutting butterflies out of her play dough, but wasn't a huge fan of touching it too much, since it looked like  dirt on her hands. ( steps on getting messy)

Then it was time to go and each kid got a sticker before being turned loose into the indoor play zone for some FREE playtime! Oh, yes, you heard me correctly, you get free playtime before and after a class :)

I bet you are wondering what happened to E this whole time...well, let's just say his "boy" characteristics came out and he had more fun falling out of chairs, sitting at different tables, stealing A's butterfly cookie cutter, and wiping play dough on his mommy than actually participating in art class.

So until next week's art class up-date...
Call me Fancy Nancy, but for some reason art just seems fancier in French :)

Daily Mom


  1. I guess this is one activity where E won't be by her side! :-)

  2. Sounds like a great class! I love homemade playdough- especially because Niall tries to eat it every time, so this way I don't have to worry about it :)


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