Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Say Cheese

My mom, Gigi, and I were shopping at Janie and Jack the other day, which if you have not heard of them, they are the cutest kids clothing store EVER. Pretty pricy, but so much fun to poke around in every now and then....anyways, like I said, we were in Janie and Jack and they had this promotion going where if you bought a certain amount of clothing you got a free photo shoot for your kid, a free 8x11, and a free 4x6. Naturally we reached the cutoff (since it is basically one outfit) and were all signed up for our photo shoot a few days later.  

So today, being our big picture day, it took me about 45 minutes of trying different outfits on A to find the perfect one. A beautiful light pink smocked dress with brown detailing around the smocking...I mean really, does it get much cuter than that, I don't think so.

And naturally, all morning I was prepping A for our photo shoot.

Me: "Remember today is our big picture day!"
A: "Yep"
Me: "Remember to smile your best smiles!"
A: "cheese"
Me: "Perfect, just like that!"

But before we could head to the shoot (at 11am) we were going to go to stroller strides so I could get a workout in. As we got in the car, her outfit in a separate bag so it would not get all nasty from her snacks before the pictures, I looked down and realized I was dangerously low on gas. In addition, my gas light is not working, so when it is hovering directly on top of the E I start to get a little worried. I calculated the mileage and amount of time we had before pictures and figure I could get to stroller strides at the park and  let A play on the playground for 10 minutes before grabbing gas and heading to the mall for the pictures. However, just as I pulled into the park's parking lot I realized I didn't have my wallet.

Since I went to work last night, my wallet must still be nestled in my work bag. I checked down at the gas meter, lower than E now, and panic as I realize I now have to go all the way home to get my wallet before I can go to a gas station. And in addition to no wallet, Nicole, E's mom, and my hubby are both out of town this week and won't be able to save me if I am stranded on the road somewhere!

Using as little gas as possible I make it home, grab my wallet, and check the clock. I have missed my workout, but I can still grab gas and do a few errands that I need to do before the photo shoot.

Smiling, I coast into the gas station, fill up, and head off to get a few things done before picture time.

Now, after such a morning, I anticipate A being stir crazy and running around for the entire shoot. But someone was smiling down today and she sat perfectly on this little while stool in her beautiful pink dress for over 25 minutes as the lady shot pictures of her. They won't be ready to view till the 17th, and I can hardly wait. In a few she was holding this bright pink flower and smelling it as she grinned ear to ear!

After such an eventful morning, I thought A deserved a treat, so we headed down to Tiny Town to have some fun! I took about 20 pictures of her with my phone, but she was so restless from sitting all morning, only one wasn't super blurry. So here is my little girl in her beautiful dress, ready to fly down the slide!

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  1. That's a pretty cool promotion! And I LOVE her dress!

  2. Yep love JJ they are pricey but you can find some great loot when they have sales.


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