Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our First Official Fieldtrip

Today was A's very first fieldtrip!

Our preschool class was scheduled to meet at the pumpkin patch at 9:15am ready to have fun, pick out pumpkins, go on a tractor ride, and run through hay mazes. Naturally, I had A's first fieldtrip outfit all picked out...her adorable leggings with her favorite pink tutu and a Halloween shirt. But after the torrential downpours all day yesterday I decided to revise her outfit a little. Since she is still such a peanut, and only has size 4 feet, her ladybug rain boots don't fit her we went with old sneakers (I know, how funny a 1 1/2 year old has "old" sneakers) and some black pants and her Halloween shirt. Her outfit was planned out and we went to bed looking forward to a beautiful fall day in the pumpkin patch!

But because the weatherman is often wrong, we woke up to more rain this morning.

As we waited in anticipation for the text at 7:30am to see if the fieldtrip would still be on, despite the rain, we worked on breakfast...nothing rotten this morning, thank goodness. At 7:36 my phone began buzzing on the counter and I raced over to see the verdict.

"We are still ON!" it read loud and clear.

So I grabbed A's raincoat, a change of clothes and we headed out to the pumpkin patch.

Two hours later, and some more torrential downpours, did nothing to dampen our spirits! We rode in a wet tractor, sloshed through too many puddles to count, found the perfect pumpkin, ran through the hay maze, and had the best time!

It did help that her buddies, Nate, E, and Caro were there to cheer each other on! And although we were soaked from head to toe, I know in A's mind our first fieldtrip was a smashing success! Sorry about the picture quality, but I was not risking bringing my nice camera out in the rain. :)
Nate playing in the first major downpour as we huddled under the tent

Nate and A loving the tractor ride!

The first pumpkin we found! (ps...I thought this was adorable, so I was really pushing for this one to be the one :)

But A had other plans...

She wanted this perfect pumpkin!

But it was heavy!

Two tired kids, after finding their perfect pumpkins.

Our winner!

Checking out Thanksgiving dinner...I mean the turkeys.

Really, that is turkey?

" is a long way down."

Our little corn babies

Hay maze time...bring it on!

Loving farm life!

And the "corn box"

Then it was puddle time!

And my little neat freak got good and dirty!

What a great fieldtrip!

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  1. I love the picture of the pumpkin between your feet!

    Is it just me or are those pumpkins REALLY orange? They look day-glow! haha!


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