Saturday, October 22, 2011

A, It's Mommy...Can You Hear Me?

I have had a pretty hard time coming up with positive blogging topics recently, mainly because 99% of my day now is spent saying, "Don't do that, please, A" or, "please listen to mommy, A." But there comes a time in every week where you just need to vent a little and well, here it goes!

I was planning on having my child's hearing checked, since I was convinced she had overnight hearing loss and is unable to hear my simple commands and requests. But then she always seems to come running when I mention anything tempting like Kitty Cat (aka Talking Tom), yogurt raisins, or coloring. So maybe I just need to get her attitude checked. I am not sure where my sweet little girl has gone, but I swear all A enjoys doing now, is exactly what I ask her NOT to do. Let's take a look at this morning for example...

Me: "Okay, time to hop in your chair and have breakfast!"
A: "Nooooo....I DO IT!"
Me: "Okay, buckle yourself in."
A: "TRAY ON!!!"

a little while later on the potty...
Me: "A, please don't put your foot in the potty, it is yucky and you could fall in."
A: Glares at me and sticks her foot in the small little crack that exists between her potty seat and the real toilet seat.
Me: "A, I said, please do not put your foot there. Did you hear me? If you do it again and I will take you off the potty."
A: Serious glaring now, as she shoves her foot in the little crack.

an hour later in Sports Authority ...
Me: "A, No touching the golf clubs."
Me: "They are dangerous. Sweetheart, did you hear me?
A: Glaring at me with her little smirk she grabs the club.
Me: "I said NO touching." as I desperately try to remove her little fingers from the club
A: Death grip on the club. "NOOOO"
Half the store now turns to look how I am abusing this adorable little girl.

So at 12:35pm, I have battled more wills than possible and am completely exhausted.

Time for a family nap, and some recharging of patients...

Daily Mom

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  1. This too shall pass, this too shall pass! Just keep reminding yourself of that! Good luck (and good margaritas)!



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