Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Early Christmas

I can't wait for tomorrow!

I know you are never supposed to wish away time, especially since it seems to go too fast anyway, but I don't have much to look forward to for the rest of the day. I mean, I have to leave for work while A is still down for her nap, and I normally don't make it home till she is sound asleep. Well, to be totally honest, I did make the Barefoot Contessa chicken stew for dinner, which I am pretty excited to eat...but I would even skip that if tomorrow could come a little faster. And trust me, I am not someone who skips meals :)

Okay, so now that I have really gotten your interest peaked, let me explain our day tomorrow. After breakfast A and I will pack up the car and head over to Gigi's house to go for a walk. Then we will give Gigi her beautiful Christmas present...I know it is early, but wait for it....before we head to get me a NEW CAMERA!!!! A week and a half ago my camera broke, and I am not kidding when I tell you I almost literally cried. I love taking pictures of A, and have reached for my beloved camera numerous times a day for the past week and a half. Each time cringing, knowing it isn't working.

But my mom, who is amazingly generous, had offered to exchange Christmas presents with me a few weeks early, and is taking me to get a brand new camera tomorrow! So get excited for some gorgeous new pictures of A in the very near future!

Daily (Very Excited) Mom

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  1. YAY!!! Super fun!!! New cameras are the best! What do you plan to get??


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