Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Call CPS Yet

Well it is official...I am not mom of the year!

This morning started off great. My hubby and I were up early and made A a delicious breakfast, waffles, cinnamon baked apples, and maple sausage. Her breakfast was on her plate and ready when I went up to get her, and her milk was already poured in her sippy cup. I mean, we were on the ball this morning.

So after a little playing she hoped up in her seat to enjoy her breakfast spread. About 10 minutes later I was getting hungry, so (like every meal of A's) I started grazing at her leftovers. That is when I bit into the sausage and realized it was NOT good any more. Not like rotten sushi bad, but more like turning milk bad...which is still pretty gross. I spit out my piece and quickly swiped the sausage off her plate.

Great now what to do?

Should I call her pediatrician? I mean he did have office calling hours right now?

I decided to wait on calling the Dr...for the next 5 minutes at least and use my mom skills to figure it out. I am pretty sure I read that the live cultures in yogurt can settle a stomach (they recommend it if a kid has an upset stomach) so I thought, why not be proactive?

So far so good...A looks no worse for the wear, but let's keep Dr. G's cell close today!

Daily (moron) Mom


  1. Ha!! This had me laughing hysterically! If I can give you any encouragement, you can do worse, trust me...I have five. Happy new follower through GFC! Would love a follow back :)

  2. Ok, so I started reading this post and all I could think about was that driving 5 hours (or whatever it would take me) down to your house just so you could make me that breakfast would SO be worth it! But after reading this, before I jump in my car, I'll make sure I pick up my own sausage fresh from the store...and maybe some yogurt.


  3. New follower from the hop! What a precious picture!

  4. Oh my goodness! She is adorable! I hope she is ok! Also, can I come to your house for breakfast?

    New GFC follower from the hop!


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