Friday, December 16, 2011

Present Exchange

Today was our Holiday lunch and present exchange with my girlfriends and all the kids.

It started off like any other Friday...we all trekked to the mall for our workout, which involved a little more talking than actual sweating today. Then it was time to head down and see the music story time they have on the first floor, conveniently located right next to Santa. After a little dancing, from the kids not us, we steered the kids away from "scary Santa" and headed to tiny town to let them run around. As you can imagine, getting four toddlers to do anything together is always a challenge, not to mention getting them all to stay relatively still in the same area for a picture. But today was our lucky day!

About 20 minutes later when a new wave of kids came in to play, we headed upstairs to exchange gifts and have lunch. The presents were perfect, the food was good, and the kids...well they were kids!

Happy Holidays!

Daily Mom

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  1. What cuties! The exchange sounds like a lot of fun!


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