Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Edward Sticky Hands

Well, like I told you I was going to try glass etching today. Now, let me give you a little background. I am not a patient person, nor do I tend to follow directions often. But today, I was determined to read all directions before I started, and work calmly and patiently. I am not quite sure what went wrong...I read the directions? Maybe I should have reread them.

 Everything started off great. I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl sheet. Then I sprayed it with the adhesive while I was holding it and tried to stick it right on the cake plate. Apparently you are not supposed to be A. spraying the adhesive onto your hands or B. trying to stick it on right away. Realizing this was not working, I headed to the sink to see if I could wash my slightly sticky fingers off.

A quick soap and water wash, and I was ready to dry them and check out the cake plate that now needed cleaning. As I grabbed the paper towels and started to wipe, I realized the towel was sticking to my fingers and ripping in all directions. Okay, maybe one more soap and water wash. When the stickiness just seemed to be getting worse I aborted the sink and ran for our closet to find the Goo Gone.

As I am crawling on the floor sticking to anything and everything I lay my hands on, while simultaneously ripping through the millions of random products we have acquired, I stick to my prize. After a generous dose, I am mostly sticky-free and ready to tackle the plate.

Now, I am ready to try this again. I re-cut the stencil, apply the adhesive JUST to the plate, wait a minute or two, and stick on the stencil. Then, I reread the etching cream, wait the allotted 5 minutes and rinse my plate under the tap. Now, if I squint while holding the plate to the light I can kind of see the etching.

Time for round three...I re-cut the stencil again, apply the spray to the plate again, and try to line up the stencil in the same spot. Tricky! This time I decide to wait about 20 minutes...I mean what is it going to do, eat through the plate?

And, you know what. The third time IS the charm today!

I think I am going to keep this one as a demo, but I have the hang of this etching this now...well sort of, and I can grab anything without sticking, so really today was a win-win!

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  1. Look at you etching glass! Awesome! You do so many things I wouldn't even try. I love living vicariously through you. Thank you for blogging! :-)


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