Thursday, December 15, 2011

Car Seat Troubles

Well, I think it is finally flip A's car seat around. In between all the errands, wrapping, crafting, and decorating that makes this holiday season so perfect, I have been overlooking one small detail. Each time I had to run to the mall or grocery store, it is always a battle to get A in her car seat. She would plant her feet firmly against the seatback and lock her knees down, preventing me from getting her strapped in and snug. Each time we have had to get back in the car I sigh knowing a battle is just beginning, that can range anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes and involve anything from fruit snacks to books, to a promise to stop at the library.

So this afternoon as I was stalling in the mall to avoid the car seat battle it dawned on me...I think she needs to flip forward. I mean she is almost 23lbs and will be two very, very why not! Of course, the minute I thought about it, I started second guessing myself. Is she safer backwards? Maybe it is just teeth? Will she throw stuff at me if I flip her around?

An hour later, and six attempts of calling A's pediatrician and hanging up, I decide it is not an emergency and I put down my cell. Only to run to my computer and type Dr. G a frantic email. So, here I sit, fingers crossed, waiting for an email back giving me the go-a-head...

Daily Mom


  1. I flipped both my kids at 12 months ;) I know the new guidelines suggest 24 months...but there's only so much protesting one mom can take!

  2. I forget exactly when I flipped Babe but I know it was sooner than recommended. It just seemed cruel and unusual to keep her backwards when she had to sit with her knees in her chest the whole time!


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