Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Beginings

Happy almost New Year! I spent a lot of time today thinking of everything that has happened over the past year and what has helped shape me into the person, mom, wife, and professor that I am today. And the most important thing that I learned is family comes first. I never knew a bad day could be erased in a second by a toddler's little smile. That a little hand inside yours can make tears disappear. That a surprise date night from your husband can make your entire week, and month. I realized that watching the smile that spreads across a grandmother's face while bathing your little girl can melt your heart and remind you all about growing up. I learned that sometimes a hug can make it all better, and kisses are truly magical. That watching your daughter snuggle with her daddy while you spy from around the corner is more amazing that any diamond or gift. And sometimes just laying in bed is all the caffeine you need in a morning. I learned that sometimes bad things happen, but they happen for a reason, even if I don't quite understand it yet. That now is the time to make goals for the year treasure the moment and hold on to the past. I can only hope to make some resolutions that will make my family stronger, my sole more genuine, and the people around me happier.

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  1. To new beginnings! Hope this year is even better than the last!


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