Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Countdown!

I had really high hopes of making an adorable Advent Countdown calendar for our house with little presents and activities on each day...but with everything being so crazy recently I haven't even started my project and it is already the 4th! But craft or no craft, A and I have still been doing one special thing together each day so far this December.

Here is what our Advent Countdown has been like...

December 1st: Make banana bread and muffins for the holiday season!
"Mom...really? More pictures?"

"Let me just try a little..."

Stir, stir, stir!


December 2nd: Head to the Library and find some books about Christmas!

December 3rd: Make frozen cookie dough balls for the neighbors for Christmas gifts!
This is my new favorite Christmas gift! You just make the cookie batter and freeze it, then pack it in mason jars with directions about baking. Who wouldn't rather have fresh baked cookies when they need them, over a plate of stale, old cookies!

December 4th: Cut down our Christmas tree!  
After a little drive, we arrive!

And start searching high and low for the perfect tree

Daddy and A with the tree farm on the hills behind them!

Then A found one that was just her size!

Before we spied our perfect tree...


So we cut it down and hauled it away! (and by we I mean the little boy helper at the farm...hehe)

A very happy mommy and a tired little girl!

Hopefully soon, I will decide on what our Advent Calendar should really look like and get crackin', but until then, stay tuned for our daily Countdown adventures!

Daily Mom

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  1. That little tree was perfect for her. I think she needs a Christmas tree in her bedroom! :-)


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