Thursday, December 8, 2011

And, I Got It!

Okay, so I realized why I never follow directions. You saw my pretty sad attempt of glass etching. Well, after the flop that was yesterday I got annoyed that I was such a creative moron and could not etch glass (since all the websites say how easy it is...ha!) and decided to give it another try. I realized my main problem was the adhesive and how gross it was. Also, the etching cream had a hard time working through the adhesive so it left it looking "rustic"...that is my term for crappy :)

Well, I through caution to the wind, grabbed my contact paper, and tried again...and I nailed it! How great did the other cake plates turn out! I mean, I think I can actually use this for a gift this year!

ps...have an awesome idea to use with glass etching stayed tuned!

Well, my mom just arrived to make ribbon wreaths with me, so I have to jet...

Daily Mom

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  1. Awesome!! Good job! I really like this! If you need more practice feel free to make me one! :-)


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