Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Let The Kids Have All The Fun!

I started to write my post last night, but as I sat here in a wet bathing suit with salt still stinging my eyes and goose bumps forming on my arms and legs, I decided to put it off till this morning. Why was I in such shape yesterday, well we all went over to our friend's house, who just bought a place on the beach, and had a friendly competitive game of matchstick. What!? You have never heard of matchstick either....let me explain. You start with a matchstick, add in a whole lot of grown-ups (waiting till cocktail hour is over is ideal because there are only so many pilings on the dock that will safely hold a drink), and let the fun begin. One person will take the matchstick and cannon ball into the water with it in their hand (amateur), drop it in the water then cannon ball on top of it (intermediate), stick it between a toe then jump in splashing (expert). Then it is a lot of splashing from the water, and even more concentration from the dock as the rest of the pack waits for it to surface so they can dive in and grab it amongst splashing, kicking, and about 14 other people going after the elusive matchstick.  How much fun does that sound. Unfortunately, since I was a) in a bikini and b) was keeping one eye on my child who was getting pretty ticked off mommy got to splash in the water and she had to watch, and the other eye on the whereabouts of the matchstick, I was unable to get any pictures.

But lucky for you, matchstick is not the only juvenile activity we participate in down here. Let me explain...when we were growing up the yacht club would put on activities at night for the kids, and once a summer we had the Hat Dance. Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking...we decorate hats to a certain theme and parade up the boardwalk and through the streets to the casino where we are judged and hopefully win a free ice cream cone. Well, since another one of our good friends is the social coordinator at the y.c. we decided it would be amazing to do an Adult Hat Dance. If you haven't guessed already, I am a bit competitive, and I don't even hold a candle to my this was quite the planning operation.

After some serious consideration we decided to be Mount Gay (rum if you live in Siberia and have only heard of vodka) and Mixers. So the boys all sported Mount Gay hats, which are often used at sailing regattas in place of the typical tee shirt given out when you sign up for a running race, and since everyone here has been sailing since we were 5 we have quite a stash. Then the girls were we had diet tonic, partly cloudy, southside, fruit punch, ginger ale, strawberry daiquiri, banana daiquiri, and diet coke. The hats turned out as close to perfect as you can get with a hot glue gun, lots of fake fruit, and numerous cocktails, and let me just tell you, we ROCKED the parade: came in first, won a 2 scoop ice cream cone (yes!!!), and danced the night away!

Our group after the parade (Yes, that is a scooler: scooter and cooler that is featured)

How much fun does this look!

The Ladies with the Judge...I think he looks pretty convinced who to vote for :)

My Sisters and me!!!

Our Family...minus my dad, who was somewhere else!

Our BFF in the middle with her family!

All the Ladies in our group!

Our whole group, with the social coordinator in the tall hat!

My Southside Hat with my hubby's MG cap and our FIRST place ribbon!

If you are super jealous reading this, appoint yourself social coordinator of your friends and host a kick a%# Hat Dance of your own! Hey you can even borrow our theme and hat ideas :)

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