Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Day Away

There are not a lot of reasons that will take me away from my daughter for the day, but spending time with my sisters and my mom is one of them. Yesterday, we left the kids with the hubbies and headed off to a day of pampering, shopping, chatting, laughing, and bonding.  

After kissing the girls good-bye yesterday morning we did a quick starbucks run, then headed the 30 minutes to the Ocean House where we relaxed, got a massage, sat in the steam room, lounged on chaise loungers overlooking the ocean, and were pampered. After we were completely relaxed, and itching for a little excitement, we walked into town and got to business buying out every Lilly dress they make from size 12 month to 7 years old before heading back to the Ocean House for a yummy lunch, complete with a few glasses of wine. After spending a day like this, there is nothing more that I want for A than for her to have a little sister some day to bond with, giggle with, spend time with, and completely cherish.  

 Since I am assuming none of you have ever been to the Ocean House, okay fine, few of you, I will take a second and try my best to describe the splendor and beauty of this sprawling mansion, overlooking the ocean, which is nestled on the top of a hill watching over a sleepy New England town. The best way to describe the ambiance and lifestyle there is being flung back in time to the Great Gatsby with people strolling on the dunes sipping a cocktail, ladies lunching on the porch in billowing dresses, and a croquet game being played on the lawn by gentlemen dresses in seersucker oxfords. Yet, in all the Ocean House's splendor, it still doesn't hold a candle to the memories we made on our day-away!

Ocean House exterior view
There are some amazing pictures of it on the website if you have a second and want to internet surf :)

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  1. Good Lord that is beautiful! Sounds like an absolutely fabulous time!


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