Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Cousin Playdate

Yesterday was filled with fun activities since my sister and her hubby when to Newport for a romantic day and night of fun, and little cousin C stayed with my parents and A and me! We took the girls to the park, played in the house, went to the beach and all in all had a blast. We also decided to break out the water table to let the girls run around and get some beans out. Okay, fine, maybe we were hoping for the best naps possible, but whatever the reason, they LOVE it. Then when the fun was starting to wear off, my mom pulled out this  ridiculously cute flower sprinkler that you attach to the hose. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Check out A's fun quality time with her little cousin, C! Of course, where there is one cousin there is bound to be more, and since A's big cousins didn't want to miss out on the fun, we called them over too! 

A hit the slide...

C wanted to swing...

"Don't leave us with the BABIES!"

"Shush, I am hiding from A"

After all that playing they needed a serious bubble tub!

Breakfast  is always more fun with a cousin!

Then we packed them into the stroller for a walk. A was super cute and shared the cherrios from her snack pack with C!

Then it was on to the water table!

The three closest cousins were having a BLAST!

And out came the sprinkler!

After nap time it was off to the beach! Yes, they are in matching suits :)

C was really into eating sea shells

And A needed a quiet moment reading with Aunt Amanda.

Then, since Daddy came in late last night we decided to take a family trip to the library this morning! How cute are the little carts the kids can push around to collect their books!
Before we could read we had to play!

Then the race was on...


"What, I am being quiet?"

We try to go to the library once a week, so I thought I would share our favorite book from each week. Last week we LOVED Gone With The Wand by Margie Palatini, which is about a fairy godmother who's wand has lost its magic and she needs to get it back. Especially great for girls!
Gone With The Wand

Daily Mom

PS:  I only made it about 6 hrs before I caved and had another ice cream sundae...I mean who starts eating healthier on vacation anyway? That is what home is for! So I am currently putting my "no dessert" rule on hold...indefinitely :)

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  1. Your at the beach. You don't need to think about jeans when flowy sun dresses are an option! Live it up and have a sundae for me! :-)


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