Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Case of the Shrinking Dryer

So I can only assume A is going through a HUGE growth spurt right now, since her typical 2 hour naps have been lasting for almost 4 hours and her pants look like they belong to her little cousin. So much so in fact, that I have actually checked tags to make sure A was in her pants, and our laundry did not get switched with her cousins...but to no avail, the tag reads 12 months every time I look. Now, I know what you are thinking...that I have an almost 18 month old daughter...which is true. I just must grow them on the smaller side, since A has consistently been on the lower end of the clothing spectrum her whole life. She has been eating a lot more recently also, but I attribute most of that to all the running around she does in this nice salt air. My mom swears we were all much better eaters during our summer time at the beach.

And that actually leads right into my case of the shrinking dryer. Not only have A's clothes shrunk at an alarming rate, but mine have also. My shorts are a little snugger, my bathing suits are riding a little higher, and I am way to nervous to even attempt to put my jeans on...since getting those on is always a bit of a battle. Even though I go for a nice long walk/jog (don't get excited, the jog portion is shorter than this paragraph) each morning I feel like I just move around more at home.

 Or maybe my mom is right and the salt air makes me eat more...hum. Regardless the time has come to start cutting, so after some thinking I have decided I am certainly not going to give up wine...that is only something that is done when you get knocked it looks like dessert is going to have to go. This might not seem like a hardship to you, but I tend to each breakfast dessert, lunch dessert, and dinner dessert. Sure my first two might just be a cookie here or a small handful of M&M's there, but this girl does not mess around at dinner time. Every night before bed I polish off an ice cream sundae...oh yeah, you read it correctly, two scoops, caramel sauce, whip cream and sprinkles...and sometime I even throw on some raw cookie dough as an extra topping :)

But what is done is done...and as of this second in time (2:43 pm) my desserts are done! Here is one minute and counting of being dessert free!

Wish me luck!!!!

Daily Mom


  1. Good luck in going dessert free! I blame my kids... I didn't value desserts until I was pregnant with them and now I just give 'em up.

  2. I wish I could blame my tight clothes on a shrinking dryer! Thanks for stopping by About A Mom, I am now following!

  3. I bet the dryer in CT is stronger and hotter than yours at home. That would explain the tighter/shorter clothes! :-)

    I keep telling myself I need to give up snacking. Oh, excuse me, I just dropped a chocolate covered pretzel under my desk. I need to go find it...


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