Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say What

Every day I snap a million different pictures of my little A on my cell phone, and after looking over them this morning, I could only begin to imagine what she would like to say to me....
"Ahhhh, what happened to my nervous nelly mom! Do you see how high I am? This is awesome!!!"

"Really Mom? Now you have lost your mind. You are trusting a 5 year old to hold me securely in the wagon?"

"One little push, and no one has to know..."

"Mom, look, I am taking little cousin C to the grocery store."

"What do you mean this isn't safe? I told her to hold on?"

"Hey you morons, try driving the car around the grocery store. It is much faster than walking. Beeepppp!"

"MOM, I swear to God, get me out of here NOW!!!!!!!!"

"Yeah, there is just something not quite right about you."

"How am I supposed to drive the car if I can't touch the ground people!"

"Fine, here is a kiss...now please, step aside and let me play."

"C, I love you, but you touch my watering can and I will take you out at the knees."

(from the dog...on the wall)
"This little human is nuts, everyone knows you can only water the pavement one way, and a watering can is not going to do it. Give me 5 more minutes in the sun and I will show you."

Hope your little one is just as spicy!

Daily Mom

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  1. Great pictures. I think Babe has the same shirt as A in the picture with the bike helmet. We really do shop at the same stores, don't we! haha!


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