Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Day in the Life

As always our days have been filled with a little bit of crazy! We were going to mess with nature and stay in our house on the Sound in CT and see what Irene really had in store for us, but after listening to my better judgment mom we decided not to take any chances with our little peanut in the car, and headed back to B-more (yes, I know, it is right in Irene's path also). So before we ran around the house, frantically packing up, we took a few breaks to enjoy the last few days of our vacation...
We started with a game of "you get up on Gigi's nice chairs and your toast", which A thinks is the funniest game ever!

Then the boats sailed out front for the start of thier race, so she went to the door to watch

Being the cutest kid ever, she didn't want her flower bunny to miss out, so she sat her down too.

After finally getting comfy, the dog thought it looked like fun and joined in too!

Then I go up stairs for 0.5 second and I find daddy teaching her to hang from the door frame. It was crazy how much she loved just swinging there while he stood below spotting! (Yikes, increaded blood pressure warning!)

Then my mom and I snuck off during nap time to get our nails done and in walks Grandma with her iPad!

Nothing like a game of Sudoku while getting a pedicure...

And finally, we headed to a friend's house for cocktails with A...who wanted to wear her fairy wings.

Hope you had a little magic in your week too!

Come on, Irene!!!!!
Daily Mom

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  1. Fun times! Glad you made it back safely, without too much damage!


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