Monday, August 15, 2011

Holy Hot Cakes!

Do you hear that....pure silence.

Yesterday at noon my oldest sister, who has three kids, dropped them off here to stay for 3 days with Gigi and Pop P...and A and me...and I have not heard this sound since. It is amazing how tiring three extra kids can be.  Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces to bits, but having a 7, 5, and just 3 year old around with my 1 1/2 year old can make life a little crazy. Here are a few highlights...

This morning I took A and her cousin, the 3 year old, to this amazing place called Stay and Play, which is a huge indoor play place for 6 year olds and under.  Since it has been pouring for two days, and I mean the kind of rain that can soak you through and through in about 30 seconds, we have gotten a little stir crazy. So around 9am we took the 5 year old to camp, dropped the 7 year old off at her friend's house and I grabbed the two little ones to go play. After a 20 minute car ride, two detours (sure, I got lost, really can you blame me?), 3 snacks, and two fits we arrived! I turned off the car, crawled in the backseat and unbuckled the two girls, then threw them both on either hip and sprinted inside, trying to doge the rain. Once we got there our eyes lit up...mine saw two very tired girls in an hour, and theirs saw fun, fun, fun! *I am sure you can tell from the picture below...they were going at such a fast pace, I don't even think I got a focused picture!*

Since they were so good, we made a Starbucks run on the way home for a soy late, a vanilla milk, and a chocolate milk. I don't think I have ever been that grateful for a drive through Starbucks in my life!

Then, this afternoon, during blog time naptime I made the three older girls' hats! Yes, you know it...there is also a Kiddie Hat Dance. A little hot glue, some netting, and lots of laughs later, my oldest niece (A's rock star role model) and I had 3 hats that were definitely winning material.

Since, that was not enough, my mom and I decided to take our chances and take the kids for a walk when it looked like the rain was letting up after nap time. We threw the two little ones in the double BOB, and the two big ones hopped in the Jeep double stroller, I grabbed Preston and we were off! After about 5 minutes it started to really rain again, so we cut the kids loose and puddle splashed the whole way home. With 4 soaking wet little girl, two pretty wet adults, and a drenched dog, we cut our losses and stripped them down in the garage before letting them in the house.

Although I would like to say the fun ended there, we ended up cleaning up rabbit pee, dog pee, and little girl pee various times throughout the day...but you know what....I think we can honestly say, today was a day not to be forgotten.

I am off to slump on the couch and have a glass of well-deserved wine before the older 3 make it back from the Hat Dance...

Daily Mom


  1. Sounds like you have a busy life. Great pictures, it looks like the kids are having fun.

  2. I have to say that I prefer reading about watching all those kids rather than having to do it...relatives or not! haha! Glad (not surprised at all) that you were able to make it a super fun day!


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