Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea Glass

Yesterday one of our closest family friends came up to visit for a few days, so naturally we have been showing her around! First we went for a nice long bike ride around the point, then it was off to Mystic, one of the cutest New England towns around. Then it was up early to go for a walk, with a mandatory stop to look for sea glass, before heading to the Mystic Seaport before lunch.
A look down mainstreet
A was fascinated when the bridge went up!

Gigi, A, and Mommy

Playing at the Seaport this morning

We have had so much fun together, but what it really made me appreciate was taking the time to just enjoy our area, unscheduled. And for me the highlight was collecting sea glass this morning. Before A was born I was pretty skilled at dragging my hubby out of the house to go search for sea glass, but having a 3-6 month old last summer and a 1 1/2 year old this summer, my sea glass expedition have been super limited. I have taken the opportunity a few nights after I got A bathed and to bed, and when my parents were in the house relaxing on the porch, to sneak out to the little beach across our driveway to search, but those times are few and far between. Of course searching for sea glass is something I cannot wait to do with A when she is a little older, but now she is much more interested in watching for sea gulls, running on the beach, and digging in the sand.
A few of my favorites that I have collected
Here is my collection...small but beautiful!

So until I can focus her attention on the mystery and enchantment behind sea glass, I guess I will have to rely on sneaking off to search at dusk, knowing one day we will walk the beach together, plastic bag in hand and excitement running through our bodies.  

Daily Mom

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  1. What a beautiful "memory to come". I've said it before but A is lucky to have you as her mommy!


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