Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome Home

Sorry, this is a day late, but our internet was down yesterday so no chance to post :(

NYC was a blast! We got up there Friday night, just in time to put A down and relax a little, before our bright and busy Saturday morning. We wanted to head to the Central Park Zoo, but when hubby looked it up on his phone we learned that it is currently closed for construction, and the only other "must do" was getting a soft pretzel and showing A around so we had a perfectly open day.

We started with a mandatory bagel breakfast, because how can you not get bagels in NYC for breakfast? Then we headed towards Central Park. Since we don't get up to NYC as much as we would like we thought we would just buzz around and see what we happened to fall upon. Well, we lucked out. Around 9:52 we walked by FAO Schwartz, just in time to hear the manager say the "special presentation" would begin soon. So we stuck around, and were loving everything FAO had to offer!

Then, since it was super crowded we thought we were head to the Park and then come back to FAO Schwartz after it had been open for a while to look around. At the Park we ran around the grass, checked out the ice skaters, and rode the carousel!


 Then we followed our plan and headed back to FAO Schwartz. Well, that plan backfired since by the time we got back, it was even more packed than before. But A had a blast rushing around the whole store, grabbing all the brightly colored candy off the shelves and even suckered daddy into buying her the perfect size baby doll and stroller!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back for lunch (NYC pizza of course for A, and my favorite soup place ever, Hale and Hearty) and nap, before mommy and daddy had to get ready and head out for the wedding.

Sunday, although it was an early start too, since hubby and I were staying in the same room as A and she woke me up by grabbing my toe, that was conveniently sticking out from the covers with her hand, exclaiming "Mommy, toe!" at 6:20am, was another great morning. We met up with our friends and headed to a playground to let the kids run around and have fun. Then around 11:45 we loaded an exhausted little girl into her stroller and headed back to find our car for the trip home.

I have to say, although NYC is huge and completely overwhelming at time, we made it so nice and "small" feeling for our weekend get away!

Daily Mom

Oh, I almost forgot...here is our menu for the week!
Ps...still haven't made one of these yet :(

Monday: grilled chicken sandwiches with avocado, bacon, and roasted plum tomatoes
Tuesday: Barefoot Contessa four cheese penne with chicken sausage and a simple salad
Wednesday: Chicken fajitas
Thursday: turkey meatball grinders and a simple salad
Friday: out for Hubby's birthday!

and A's menu
Monday: grilled chicken and avocado chunks with roasted tomatoes on the side
Tuesday: Barefoot Contessa four cheese penne
Wednesday: chicken quesadillas with tomatoes and avocado
Thursday: Barefoot Contessa four cheese penne
Friday: turkey meatballs with butternut squash on the side

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  1. Ok, so that FAO Schwartz is across the street from my mom's office building! I've never been in it but she buys stuff for my kids there all the time.

    Sounds like you had a great trip!


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