Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is hubby's birthday and to celebrate he had a breakfast meeting, followed by a long day in the office. But we have high hopes he gets to escape a little early today to come home and play with us!

This year, since men are really the most impossible people to buy for, A and I decided he need a more "homemade" gift. So this morning we had a nice cup of piping hot tea waiting for him after his shower, some delicious homemade carrot muffins, a few cards, and a beautifully wrapped present just for him.

Now, most holidays and birthdays he opens his present and gives the typical male "grunt" thank you. But this morning was different, he actually gasped when he saw what A and I had made just for him! So, to my amazing, caring, supportive hubby...we love you and happy birthday!
Daddy's birthday present was A holding letters to spell out "DAD" in a beautiful picture frame for his new office! Trust me, I tried to get A to flip the D around, but for some reason she liked it backwards better :)

Daily Mom & A

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  1. That is possibly the best gift ever! Wow! I love it more that the letters are backwards! That just makes it...perfect! And is she chewing on it in the first picture? Awesome! It's just so real. Great gift! Great!!

    (And my husband is going to have a desk for the first time ever in a few weeks so I think I just might have to steal this!)


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