Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our First Time!

Today, was our first time going to a non-family member's birthday party! It was A's little buddy, Nate's, 2nd birthday at the pumpkin patch, and the kids had a blast. When we first arrived, E and A ran around like maniacs, before A and Caro needed some serious girl time. Then it was off on a tractor ride to find the last few pumpkins. With some grumbling bellies and a few pumpkins that seemed more "special" than rotten we headed back to the picnic tables for some pizza and cupcakes! I have to say, Megan set the bar pretty high on birthday parties in our little foursome, leaving me some serious planning to do for A's big bash in a few months!

Enjoy some pictures of our little love bugs!
Hello, Party!

E, trying to get A to follow him

A and Nate in the wagon

Then it was time for Caro and A

"Caro, I missed you!"
"I missed you too, A!"

"Let's go see the animals together."

Our little girls, growing up...

The whole gang on the tractor ride!

Some whispering between the girls...

A and me with Nicole and E

Daddy's girl!

It was time for lunch, and some head gear!

Loving their pizza :)

"Did someone say, cake time!"

The most adorable cake, and surrounding cupcakes

"Happy Birthday to you..."


Time to take someone home for a nap :)

Happy Birthday, Nate!

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  1. That head gear is awesome!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for A's party!


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