Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

This weekend was all about family. Friday, as you know, was hubby's birthday and we headed out for a yummy dinner to celebrate. Then after an early wake-up on Saturday morning, we took A to Story Time at the library.

As you know, I love taking A to countless events all around our city, trying to expose her to everything and anything; but weekends we tend to lay low, spending time walking, laughing, and running errands with Daddy. This weekend though we only had one errand to run, Target, which was right next to the library, so we decided to let Daddy see what we do all week.

 I think he was a little intimidated by the mass amounts of children running all over a tiny room with a little old lady buzzing along to a bee song as she went around asking each kid's name, but he handled it really well! After about 15 minutes though it was clear that A...well really Daddy...need to jail-brake from story time and hit the Children's Section to look for books and play with the toys.

A few minutes later we continued on our way with a very tired little girl, a pretty overwhelmed Daddy, and a big bag of books. We quickly made our way thorough Target, trying desperately not to spend over $100 on who knows what, and then trekked home for lunch and nap time.

After a family power-nap, I got a call from my sisters asking if we wanted to scrounge together whatever we had and come over for a playdate and impromptu dinner. Of course! I love being with my sisters and our kids, and believe it or not, we rarely get just the three of us together with husbands and kids. We had an absolute blast watching all 5 kids tear around the house while the husbands looked on nervously, and the three of us caught up on gossip in the kitchen.

Then yesterday it was all about the Ravens! We watched them teeter on the brink of a win for four quarters before making it official; and we even got to see George Clooney who was at the game. Yeah, don't get too excited, it was from a distance. But supposedly he is dating a Baltimore girl! Lucky!

And finally, when we didn't think it was possible to find any more energy, A's godparents came over for dinner last night, making the perfect end to a great weekend!

(You know it is a great weekend when I have zero pictures to show from it!)

Here is this week's Menu...nothing too special since it is almost Thanksgiving. Which, in case you are wondering, I am getting a little more excited for as I have been searching Pinterest for cute crafts to do with A!

Monday: Grilled chicken breasts (marinated in Greek dressing...sooo good) with ancient grain rolls and a simple salad
Tuesday: Turkey meatballs on the ancient grain rolls (got a nice big bag of them!) and salad
Wednesday: Thanksgiving! No, I am not crazy, but since the Ravens have a home game on Thanksgiving night we moved our Thanksgiving till Wednesday so we could do it all out.
Thursday: Ravens Game
Friday: Water and saltines...since I will probably still be so full I will want to puke :)

A's Menu:
Monday: Pizza bagels...I use the whole wheat bagels, some yummy pizza sauce, and slice up some mozz for the cheese...with roasted sweet potato on the side
Tuesday: Turkey meatballs with sauce and cucumbers on the side
Wednesday: Thanksgiving!
Thursday: Sleep over at my sister's house, so whatever she has!  
Friday: Leftovers, since making any more food might again send me to the toilet!

Daily Mom


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I got to spend some time with my cousins (who are like sisters to me) this weekend so I know what you mean about enjoying the time just with them! :-)

    I love that you moved Thanksgiving to accommodate football! I would want to do that for hockey but no one in my family would go along with it! :-)

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