Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Case of the Sniffles

Today was one of those days that you see going terribly wrong, but then it turns out being just perfect. Poor little A has not been feeling great, just a bit under the weather really, with a red snotty nose, and runny eyes, so our daily plan was put on hold a bit. We still hit the grocery store this morning for our weekly stock-up, then since she didn't have a fever and was acting almost like her spunky self we headed to gym class. Trust me I am not one of those mom's who would send her kid to school all contagious, but without a fever and with some pep in her step, who was I to hold her back. She had a blast with her friends at gym, running all over the place, swinging off the bars, and jumping off the platforms. But her energy fizzled in the car on the way home, as we cancelled our date with Gigi, and I dragged a sleepy A into the house for an early lunch and nap. Because her nose is all stuffy, she has been having trouble sleeping well, and this naptime was no exception. So after about 1 1/2 nap (which is nowhere near her normal 3 hr nap) she was awake and a bit cranky.

So, with the sun shining and the weather tipping the mercury close to 70 degrees we headed outside for some fun. We ran around, played with her ball, and chased her puppy dog. Then it dawned on me...she looked exhausted, but adorable...and my camera was nowhere near me. Of course, I ran inside to get it and snapped a few picture of my tired, stuffed-up girl on this beautiful fall day!  
"No pictures...I am sick."

"Fine...maybe just a few"

Daily Mom


  1. I hope she's feeling better soon! These pictures are so cute!!

  2. She is the cutest little sick girl - love seeing all your pictures.

  3. Hope she's feeling better now! We just had a cold run through our house. Never fun!

    I love her shirt!


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