Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday

So I have two random, random thoughts for today.

One being about A and her most recent "stage"...apparently sometime in the toddler years, kids go through a hitting stage. Now, let me tell you how fun this has been. Over the past 4 days A has decided that she will be playing and laughing with us, then she will wind up and deck me. Now, you probably think I am exaggerating, I mean how hard can a 1 3/4 year old really hit? Actually... pretty hard.  Being a new mom, well A is my first so how am I supposed to know what to expect, I had no idea this was a typical developmental stage and chalked it up as my little girl being a monster. Which, unfortunately she does like to be every now and then. So I did what I thought a good mom should, and I told her we do not hit mommy and gave her a time-out for 30 seconds explaining after why she had a time-out and what the appropriate behavior would be next time.  But after about 20 minutes of being slapped, decked, and walloped in the face today, and countless time-outs where A sat on the rug smiling at me, I decided I needed to do some research.

So, as I was putting ice on my throbbing eye (she kept landing them on my left eye) I started Google-ing...and it turns out the best approach for this stage is to take her hand during the hitting (good luck getting it before you get clocked) and gently touch your face, saying, "we touch gently in this family" and repeating the words and actions on her. Okay, I admit, it seems pretty suspect, but who am I to judge since I look like the latest victim of a swarm of angry bees :) So, here goes nothing!

Now, onto my second random thought...I was checking a blog I like to follow, And I Thought I Love You Then, and saw that on Monday's she writes up her menu for the week, and I thought this was a great idea! I already create my menu for my shopping list so why not type it up and get some inspiration from others on what they are making each week! So feel free to share what you and your family will be eating, too! BUT, before you look below and think I am crazy for making two menu's just hang on... I know A should be eating the same food as us, but she is picky, so I typically use some of what we are eating and mix in some food she will like too!
Ps...My next craft project will definitely be a DIY Menu Board! I mean how cute would something like this be in the kitchen?!?

Menu for the Week:
Monday: chicken sausage, pineapple, and spinach pizza on TFM (The Fresh Market's) whole wheat pizza dough
Tuesday: Orange Chicken...a new recipe from Six Sister's (looks delicious, huh!), steamed peppers, broccoli, snap peas, and onions piled over steamed rice
Wednesday: Ground turkey meatloaf and a mix green salad with tomatoes, will probably get a nice loaf to go along side!
Thursday: Helping my Mom at her Best Dressed Sale (look at me doing good for society :)
Friday: Heading to NYC!

A's Menu:
Monday: chicken sausage with penne pasta
Tuesday: homemade chicken tenders, steamed carrots (which she won't eat) and applesauce
Wednesday: Orange Chicken and veggies over rice
Thursday: Turkey meatloaf with pasta sauce, cheese cubes, and pears
Friday: leftovers before we head out!

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  1. Babe is in her hitting stage right now too! SO HORRIBLE! She mostly hits Bud but she makes sure we are not looking. It's driving me insane but I think Bud is about to snap! Poor kid! I'll have to try the "nice touch" thing! I need something different to try!

    I really need to make my menu ahead of time. I just can't get the motivation to start. Damn me and my procrastinating! I hope your menu posts will get me on the ball!!


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