Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To Reality

Coming back to reality this morning was nothing like I expected. First of all, I was hearing up  for a few morning battles with A about everything from what she would be wearing to actually having to put her doll down and get dressed. But much to my surprise, this morning was much more like coming back from a vacation, in the sense you know you are home and everyone just falls back into routine. Hubby headed to the gym early this morning, I showered and got breakfast ready for A, and then we had a great time giggling over her "talking" rice krispies before heading upstairs to get ready for school.

And with the fear of reality out of my mind, I also snapped back into deal mode. The grocery list is ready for this afternoon, the kitchen is clean and ready for the next meal, and I have uploaded all my photos from this weekend. So sit back and enjoy a collection of shots of my little peanut and her nieces!
Biggest Cousin, E, showing A Jelly Bean

Daddy was making sure everything looked legit before he put his little girl on that pony!

"Here I go, Mom!"

Hey, put those heals down :)

Her first jump!

Then it was E's turn!

And because the youngest always wants to be just like the oldest, E's little sister gave it a whirl.

And landed...well, she landed.

My little peanut!

Playing ring-around-the-rosie with her cousins and Gigi

Mommy and A

A few days later, all the cousins hanging out in our backyard.

The oldest, escaping up a tree for a little peace and quiet.

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  1. Great pictures! She looks so old sitting on that horse with her helmet! :-)


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