Thursday, January 26, 2012

Port Discovery

What A Day

It has been so long since we motivated to do anything just for the kids. I mean, sure we drag them to our workout then let them run around Tiny Town...but let's be honest, Tiny Town is like saying you are going to the Aquarium but take the kids to Petco instead. It just doesn't cut it.

So this morning, after meeting to pick tiles out for our bathroom (ugh!) we met up with E and Nicole and headed down to Port Discovery. And, since it is freezing outside and no one wants to go to the zoo, they give you half off the admission at Port Discovery  if you present your zoo membership. So for about 5 bucks we had the most amazing morning, running around the Clifford exhibit, playing with the digital pond, catching butterflies, collecting seashells, and of course playing in the sand.

Just before we were heading out to grab lunch, we ran into Clifford, the "real" Clifford, all dressed and oversized, which frankly terrified my little girl almost bringing her to tears. But hey, what is a fun morning adventure without a little psychological damage?

Enjoy some pictures from our morning of fun!
"OMG, is Emily Elizabeth!!!!"

"Oh, hey Emily Elizabeth. You look pretty today, wink, wink."

"Clifford...Your paws are not comfortable!"

"I am sorry, that was rude. Would you like a treat?"

"Here, let me just pile some up for you. There you go!"

"So, you have a pretty cool dog..."

"E! Look over is Cliffords dog house!"


"Now, how do you get the money out? I know it is in here somewhere, humm."

"A, what are you doing?"

"Hum, a seasell. That is weird, we are not at the beach."

"Oh look, one for me, and one more for me."

"Look, Mom, I picked flowers!"
"Oh, A, maybe we should plant them again?"

"This is not as fun as picking them."

"Time to water them. Grow nice and strong so I can pick you again."

"MOM...I am walking on water!"

"Oh, hello butterflies."

"Do I really look like a girl who would throw sand? Come on, mom."

"I found a giant Maple Leaf for Daddy!"


"Mom, I am starving, can we go to lunch please?"

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  1. haha! Loved the maple leaf comment!

    Looks like another great day!


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