Sunday, January 15, 2012

5 Crazy Girls

Yesterday was all about the cousins, and it was fantastic! Saturday morning my sister called and decided she wanted to do something that a "stay at home mom would do" so naturally I suggested we go to an indoor play place! We met at Charm City Kids Club, and A and C had so much fun running all around, and playing "mommy". They even proved they really were our daughters as they headed straight for the Louis Vuitton purses and wouldn't put them down. Such cute little buggers!

Then after nap time we headed to my other sisters house for dinner and fun. The girls ran all over the house, putting on shows, dressing up, playing bride, and being crazy, while my sisters and I drank wine and chatted in the kitchen, and the boys wrangled the kids, refilled wine glasses, and watched some football.

It was the perfect unplanned get together!

Daily Mom

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  1. Your play place has Louis Vuitton bags to play with? Seriously? You know that's not normal, right? Where are the nasty Barbies and grimy stuffed animals? Doesn't your play place know anything?

    That little girl in pig tails is too much! Adorable! They all are!

    Glad you had such a great day!


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