Friday, January 20, 2012

Love Notes

Today, being Friday, was our weekly playdate with cousin, C, and since it was too cold to go outside, the germs in Tiny Town are at an all time high, and Friday's at the library are insane, I decided to head to Target before my workout this morning to pick up some supplies for a Valentine's craft. I got this amazing idea from And I Thought I Loved You Then , and we went to town.

So here is the basic idea...You get an inexpensive crafting project (preferable mailbox) from Target, Michael's or wherever you shop. Then you decorate it with lots of fun Valentine's shapes and letters. Now, here is the special part. Each day in February you write a love note to your child and put it in their special mailbox.

You can choose when you want to read your notes, but in our house, we are going to write A a note each day and when we are all snuggled in her room reading books before bedtime we will read her the special note. It can be about anything from how much you love them, to something great they did that day, as long as it a special note just for them telling them how great, wonderful, and proud of them you are...they will love it.

 I know A is a little too young to really get into this, but I can see us a few years down the road with hopefully a few special mailboxes lined up in the kitchen and each child getting so excited to hear their special note. Since I love Valentine's Day (I mean who doesn't like a holiday that encourages boys to buy chocolates and get gift cards for massages?) I am going to do this for A each day in February. I can't think of a more fun way to celebrate an otherwise cold month!

I put A's name in the sparkly letters at the bottom of this side to make it personalized!

Daily Mom

PS: The mailbox plus the extra stickers and shapes were only $10 total at Target, so this is definitely a budget friendly craft to enjoy with your own kids.

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  1. Great idea! And she may not be able to fully appreciate the notes now but she'll LOVE looking back on them! Love it!


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