Friday, January 13, 2012

Cousin Time!

I love living in the same town as my sisters, but I almost feel like we see each other less than we would if we lived apart and had to plan get-togethers. And on top of the three of us all having very busy schedules, both of my sisters work and have kids, which completely blows my mind, and makes for even more scheduling difficulties.

So earlier this week I called my one sister's nanny, who watches baby C...who is not really a baby anymore, so let's just call her C...and we decided to get together today for some fun at Tiny Town, maybe story time, and lunch.  After our workout A and I headed down to meet Helen and C at story time and get some beans out. Since, neither girl was really into the story, which probably had something to do with the fact that we were late and were about 50 yards from the story teller, we decided to call it a bust and head to Tiny Town to let them run around.
"We can't see!"

"I love you, C...let's go play!"

"Take my hand, I will show you the way!"

After about 45 minutes of racing each other around, going down the slide, and playing with A's other good buddies, E, Nate, and Caro, we decided to head to my sister's house for lunch and a little more playtime.

"Okay, so you need to put your right hand, here, and then you..."
"Nate, Caro, drive over to meet my cousin, C."

"C, watch Nate, he is a really good climber."

It really is amazing watching A and C, who are only 6 months apart, play so well together, so we decided to make this a weekly Friday playdate! So from now on, we will meet to do something fun... maybe Tiny Town, the playground, or the library and then head back to one of our houses (alternating each week) for lunch and fun before nap time.
Yummm, lunch time!

I know it seems silly to have to schedule time with your family, but with the crazy busy lives we lead I don't want A to miss one second of fun with her cousins.

 I can't wait till A and C are a few years older and are rolling their eyes to each other as they run upstairs finishing each other's sentences, and joking about how weird their mom's are; because what is better than having cousins who seem more like sisters...nothing.

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