Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Drinking

 There are few things that can make me day-drink, you know drink during the day, but one of those is certainly the Ravens. After finally squeezing into our fifth and final layer of clothing, kissing A good-bye, and thanking the babysitter, we piled into our car and headed down to watch the Ravens take on the Texans. It was a nail biter of a game as we came out poorly, but Flacco and the boys soon turned it around with some serious help from our defense, and lead us to victory!

But let me back up. I wasn't planning on drinking a lot, since I am getting older and can no longer drink all day and still function, but as we piled in the car and John pulled out the first round of beers (not for the driver, no worries!) I gave in. Six hours, a whole ton of yelling and cheering, a few delicious slices of pizza, and a few beers later and I was DONE. As we pulled back up in front of our house around 5:45pm, feeling like I had just been tackled by Ray Lewis, I was already counting down the time till I could go to bed. But when we walked in A was so excited we ended up playing with her well past bedtime. Finally, she was down, we had eaten some sushi for dinner, and I was making a tea, and was almost as excited to fall into bed, as I was from the victory earlier...well almost.

It did make me realize and cherish my early mornings with A, calm walks around the neighborhood, playing in the playroom, and snuggling in the chair reading books before bed. I might not be cut out for day-drinking anymore, but I am more than happy to close the chapter on that part of my life. Well, unless we kick some Patriot butt on Sunday and are in the Super Bowl, then somebody pour me a beer!

Daily Mom is our Menu for the week. Enjoy!

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  1. Yay for your Ravens! While I don't wish you a hung over Monday, I do hope they win for you on Sunday! :-)


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