Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh, Sweet Jesus

So we arrived after a 4am wake up and two plane rides to bright sun and two very excited grandparents! After a short trip back to our place, with A in an infant car seat (yeah, she thought it was pretty cool to lounge in the car) Gigi rushed A off to meet all her friends on the beach. A few minutes later...okay, maybe a bit more than a few, our bags were unpacked and a very excuted A rushed in yelling, "mommy, swimsuit please!"

Two hours later A had been in the ocean every five minutes, been tumbled by waves, dug sandcastles, and waved and hugged each person on the beach...twice. At 4pm on the nose when we were in the ocean with A yet again, we heard an actual bell (oh yeah, you read that right) calling us to happy hour at the beach bar. And don't worry...their two for one is you pay for one drink and you get two...umm lucky. So after a yummy cocktail and with an exhausted little red eyed girl, we headed upstairs to call it a day and have a quick tub.

Not even 30 minutes later we were sipping our drinks at the "Kings Crown" because yes, that is where Fancy Nancy eats, ordering dinner.

And now, with a glass of wine and a sleeping child I could not be happier listening to the waves crash outside our window with a delicious Guavaberry colada slipping through my lips.

Enjoy the cold :) heheh
Daily Mom

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