Friday, March 1, 2013

Crafting Day!

You know I am starting to get my life back together when I have time to do crafts! So after nap the other day, I packed up the kids and headed over to TT's house for some crafting fun. Okay, so it had been a while, and I was a little rusty, that's okay.  I got a little over zealous with the egg size, but as the days past I started to get my crafting groove back. So this morning, with daddy heading up to Vermont for a wedding this weekend, the kids and I hit Michael's to stock up on a weekend full of crafting supplies!

Here is some of the fun we have been having!

First, we had to have our two big girls strike some poses as they prepared to get down and dirty painting us some beautiful pictures.


And since the littles are still too small for crafts, mainly because they can't even sit up yet, we stuck them on the playmat for lots of rolling and giggling.


Next it was on to making chalk Easter eggs. I found this one on Pinterest and knew I had to try it! It is so simple. Just draw an egg shape (or cut one out if your kids are old enough to stay within the lines) and using painters tape (cut in half to make it skinnier) lay some strips on the egg. Then have the kids dip the sidewalk chalk in water and color away! When they are all finished all you have to do is cut out the egg shape and remove the tape for perfectly faux-dyed Easter eggs!


Then this morning A and I made a little spring chick with her handprints for feet. Again, a super simple craft. I cut out a body circle and a head circle, then traced a circle on the white paper about a  1/2 inch smaller than the body circle, to give A a guide as to where the feathers should be glued, then I turn the glue and a bag of multi-colored feathers over to a very excited 3 year old. Next, she glued on some eyes and a beak and we put it all together. The last step was her handprints of course, and again we stuck to nice and simple. I smeared some orange paint on a plate let her rub her little hands around then splat, onto the paper they went.


Then while I was making lunch A ran around finding all the Easter eggs I had hidden for her!


Then it was time for my crafts! This summer I bought some adorable picture frames at the beach that had been covered in scrapbooking paper and paint, so I decided to give it a whirl. I have only finished the paint and mod podge but we will see how they turn on soon, when they are dry and I have time to add some more fun embellishments!


What a fun morning!



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  1. Awesome! I'm so envious of crafty people! Although, after next weekend I will highlight the only craft I'm good at...Ukrainian Easter Eggs!! Aww yeah!!!

    Love A striking her pose! Too cute!


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