Friday, March 15, 2013

Da-na, Da-na...

Da-na, da-na, da-na da-na da-na da-na BITE!


Well, the sick bug has officially hit Baltimore. Just as the weather is turning beautiful and the birds are starting to sing, everyone has come down with the bug. Dayquil and Nyquil are flying off the shelves around here and everyone is just holding their breath, wondering who is going to get it next. Well this morning it struck my sister's nanny, so after A's dentist appointment we headed over to relieve her and play with the kids till TT could get off work.

Now, this was a little crazy because it was essentially like having two sets of twins, with A and C running around like maniacs, and G-man and E needing some quality time too. We bundled up (of course today was actually pretty chilly still this morning, and headed outside to play with bubbles, cars, and just get some beans out!

It was all smooth sailing until around 11am when both of the littles needed the same time. I did what any mom of twins would do (I am assuming) and stuck them both in bouncy seats, gave them each a bottle, and had the big sisters hold them so I could catch up on some online shopping.
Ha, just kidding what do you take me for, a neglectful aunt :) Oh, no, not me. I had them each in their seats for the first few ounces then I rotated who got to hang out while the other got to be walked and fed (the only way E will eat) or snuggled and fed (the was G prefers). Then it was off to nap for the littles and I got started on lunch for the bigs. Luckily TT got home during lunch and I packed up my exhausted big girl, and sound asleep little man and HIGHTAILED  it out of there. Just kidding, it might have been crazy, but it was super fun too!



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  1. That tractor car is AWESOME! Too bad Bud is too big for those now. :-)

    Sounds like a busy day but a fun day!


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