Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Food Time!

There is not much that I love more than making baby food. I can spend hours each day roasting, steaming, poaching, and pureeing food. I remember when A was old enough to eat food the thrill of shopping for the perfect veggies and making the most exciting concoctions. The main issue I had, was my excitement lead to a massive freezer-full of vegetable, fruits, proteins, and every combination within.

And so my excitement couldn't be squelched this morning as I dropped A off at school then headed to the Dr. for G's 4 month apt. After weighing in at an astonishing 16.3lbs (yes, A was only 18lbs even at a year...in fact I think she might have been high 17's but the nurse took pity on me and rounded up) I heard the news I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant..."you can start food!"

I swear, it was music to my ears! So with A still in school, G and I dashed over to pick up a healthy assortment of veggies for him to begin enjoying! As we speak I have sweet potatoes scrubbed and roasting, butternut squash chopped in the fridge, and two bags of carrots! Like I said...I get really excited about this!

And the best news...I am going to make enough for G and his little (in size, mind you) cousin E (C's little sister). Since they are only 9 days apart and are both cleared for purees, I now have an outlet for my excess baby food!


Yippee...here's to some new first tastes and lots of pictures to come!!!



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  1. You lost me at the first sentence. You enjoy it? That boggles my mind and confirms even more that I wish we lived closer so you could cook for me and my family!

    But YAY for you! (I think)


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