Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sleep Training

Sleep training is my death. Okay, so I might not be giving it "my all" but I am really trying to listen to our pediatrician and let G-man cry it out at night now. One small problem, I have a 3 year old (how weird is it saying that!) whom I would really like to keep asleep, and a screaming baby at 1am, 3am, 4am, and 5am... is certainly testing that hope. I know my pediatrician has kids, but telling me to "just let him learn to sooth himself back to sleep" and "it will only be for a week or so" does not help. Sure, do I want to listen to his advice...yes, but the idea of having two overtired and grumpy kids all day is not my idea of fun. I am not sure if my pediatrician's wife stays home with their kids but for the sake of argument (yes, with myself) I am going to assume they have a nanny. So big deal if they have all three of their kids awake throughout the night because they are sleep training the baby, that is the nanny's problem all day. Well not over here buddy. At our house Mommy gets the cranky, melting down, overtired kids...and a very early cocktail hour each night.

So what is my solution you might ask? Well, I have just let G-man scream enough that he is making himself hoarse (thus much quieter screams :) and I have one thick blanket on the outside of his door and one on the inside to muffle the screams, and a towel shoved under my 3 year olds door. Now if Amazon would only hurry up with those noise canceling ear plugs, then I might just get this kid trained. But for now, I am still available to text at 1am, 3am, 4am, and 5am, if anyone is up :)



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  1. Lol! I feel your pain! Excellent idea about the blankets! I never thought of that! Although, I was pretty lucky with Bud, the only way to wake him up is to vigorously shake him (gently of course) or tickle his feet. Screaming babies seemed to be outside his auditory range...not that I still didn't worry about it!

    We were successful with crying it out though, so hang tough!! You can do it!!!


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