Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunrise On The Hill

Today, was an outing to remember for a while!

At 6:20 this morning I crept into A's room to wake her up and together we headed down to Pimlico, where the Preakness is held each year. After dragging a pretty sleepy toddler into the car for a short car ride, we arrived to the sun warming up the paddock and all of A's friends excited to see the horses.

We started with a little information from a former jockey, then it was time for our friend Charley (also a former jockey) to lead us around. The first stop was to see the Clydesdales, who are larger than I could have ever imagined. Yes, if you have been reading this blog for a while you know we did the same Sunrise on the Hill last year too, but for some reason the sheer size and grace of the horses takes your breath away anew each year.

Anyway, then we headed to the Stakes Barn and saw a few owners, one being the owner of I'll Have Another (the Derby winner) and his winning jockey. The jockey was really cute with Annabelle, and she wasn't even that scared because they were about the same size :)
Anne, and Caroline, and Nicole and E

The Owner of the runner up at the Derby (who also ownes a ton of other winners)

I'll Have Another's owner

The jockey and Annabelle
Jockey: "So what do you want to be someday?"
A: "Um, maybe a jockey."
Jockey: "Well, let me see your tough jockey face!"

Oh yeah, there it is!

Then we headed into the paddock and jockey's room and ended with getting some pretty cool goggles.
Their scale and their silks

E, A, and Nate

After the tour we headed back to the track to watch some more horses warm up and even had an up-close view of I'll Have Another!
The kids, loving the tractor!

Yeah, she was not taking these off!

All of us!

After the pictures she put them right back on again!

And there is the Derby winner! Good luck Saturday!!!!

All in all, it was one of the best mornings!


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  1. Too awesome! And how fun to meet the owner and jockey! My friends daughter bet on I'll Have Another so we're fans around here! :-)

    Those goggles are the BEST! The last picture of her in them is the just too good for words! It just screams High school yearbook!! :-)


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