Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello, Siri.

Today was going to be a BIG DAY. Okay, maybe you would not consider this to be huge, but I was finally (after 2 long years of waiting) getting an iPhone 4S! I have been patient...and then not, and pleaded with my husband to just let me pay to upgrade. But in the end he won and I waited and waited to ask Siri the million questions that I had stored up, or have her in charge of reminding me to get dry cleaning, or pick up something at the store...can we say life changing?

So this morning, A and I hit the mall, walking proudly into the Apple Store and announcing my need to upgrade...immediately. About 20 minutes later I was holding my prize and waiting for everything to sync over when it hit. I needed a bathroom or trash can within the next 30 seconds or I was going to puke all over this college kid trying to stay awake long enough to show me how my new phone worked.

Apparently I must have turned a nasty shade of green while asking for the bathroom because without hesitation he threw my old and new phone at one of his buddies and rushed A and I through their secret back headquarters and straight for a bathroom.

I barely made it to the toilet since A decided this would be the time she wasn't going to walk and would only be carried, but alas I did make it! Feeling pretty proud of myself for distracting A with a toy while I watched my breakfast come up, I decided to glance back at A, who I had put behind me with her toy in the (thankfully) spacious bathroom. All I saw was her staring at me with her eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed before I had to turn around to the toilet again. Once I was finished I turned around to see her still standing like a teenager. I attempted a weak smile in her direction and then out of nowhere my little two year old uncrossed her arms and said, "really, mom!" with her best 16 year old attitude.

Rolling my eyes I cleaned myself up, grabbed A and unlocked the bathroom door.

There stood two Apple employees, one with a water bottle and a sweet comment and one who looked like I had held him up from a much needed trip to the bathroom himself.

Thanking the lady as she shared some of her own prego stories I made my way back to my phone to wrap this all up.

Feeling a bit better and thinking most of my embarrassment had to be over for the day I turn to finished up with the sleepy college boy, who had a look of sheer terror on his face. Never, had I imagined he could have worked quite so fast to get me out of the store. And as I left with my shiny new phone tucked safely in my hand, I smiled at myself for managing to make my big day even a little more unforgettable.

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  1. Nothing to scare a college kid more then a pregnant woman puking! Well done. You should have asked for a discount. I bet he would have given it to you just to make sure you didn't puke again! :-)

    Congrats on the new phone! (I'm not even a little bit jealous, nope, not me!)


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