Thursday, May 10, 2012

It finally happened.

A few days ago, we decided to host a playdate for A's friends so they could come over and run all around A's new house.  And everything was going smoothly...the kids were sharing nicely, taking turns, and even being pretty gentle with one another. A few hours later as Nicole, Anne, and I were cleaning up from lunch and getting these exhausted kiddos in the car, A decided she had enough and headed up to her room to wait for me. About 5 minutes later I head up the stairs to get her ready for nap time, I walk into her room and to my surprise, I find her in her crib.

"How did you get in there?" I asked her in a soft avoid causing alarm.

"Like this mommy," she says as she hoists her leg over the crib and climbs out before starting the process all over again and climbing back in.

Oh boy...are we in trouble. After a nice little lecture on the safety of climbing in and out of our crib, I tell her it is NEVER okay to climb out of her crib when mommy and daddy are not right there to help her. I may have slipped in some scary words like head trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, and possible death to scare her off just a little bit more.

Then I got A all changed, read her Fancy Nancy, and tucked my little monster in her crib. After a few more kisses, I gently closed her door and went right for my computer to order her a Big Girl bed.

And let me tell you, I am half terrified at the idea of A being in a real bed, and half terrified I will lose my glorious nap time, but I guess safety does have to come first on this occasion.

Anyone move their kids to a big bed and have some tips? I could really use some advice here!


Daily Mom


  1. Get one of those plastic knobs that go over the dooorknob and put it inside A's door. That way you know she can't get out of her room until you come and get her.

  2. I will withhold any advice as it's been almost a year and I've made a shambles of Babe's transition. I can tell you what not to do if you'd like! :-) (But you already got past my biggest mistake - making the transition too soon. So you should be golden!)



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