Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Girl Bed Time...

I don't think I have been this terrified since my water broke 2 years ago and I realized we were really going to have a baby. I know, you think the 9 months of getting bigger, and bigger (and in my case bigger) would have let it all sink in, but nope. It wasn't till I was squatting over my bathroom tile and yelling at my husband that I couldn't stop peeing, that it hit me. Okay, maybe it took a little information from him, like, "babe, I think your water broke, you are 9 months pregnant" to really drive the point home.

But not this time, for the last four days I have been stressing and panicking over my little girl moving into a big girl bed, and all that came with it. Would she fall out and hurt herself? What do I do if she is scared of it? Will I lose nap time? Is her room going to be torn apart every  time she is in there "napping"?

The questions have poured through my head faster than a bottle of tequila can go through a spring breaker...and I still don't have the answers.

I took apart A's crib this morning as she played in her room, washed her sheets with her, then we watched them assemble her bed before I could get it all made up. The bed is adorable and the mattress is a pillow top, which means she is about 100 feet off the ground, but maybe it will deter her from getting out? I have the sides installed and sturdy, and the sheets tucked with hospital corners...she is ready, but I am not.

It has been about 25 minutes and she is still just chatting (hopefully in her bed?) to her animals. And so what am I doing? Sitting outside her bedroom door with my computer and her monitor blogging and searching Amazon for the best video monitor I can find.

Wish us luck!


Daily Mom

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  1. Just remember, like with anything, establish the routine and stick to it!!! I assume you kept the same routine and hopefully that will make it easier. Best of luck and keep us posted!! :-)



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