Sunday, May 6, 2012

BIG, Little News

Well, I have been excited to tell you all for a while, but since we are now in our new house, almost all set up (yes, I have one lone box to unpack but that is it!) and I finally have it goes...

We are expecting baby #2!!!!

So far everything looks great, so fingers crossed this little peanut is happy and healthy when it arrives around the first week of November!


Daily Mom

PS...I think you can chalk up my terrible blogging recently to needing to have packed and unpacked houses while being so exhausted with this pregnancy I thought some days I could sleep all day :) I promise to get better soon. On the plus side, I have only taken one nap in the last week (a new record) so I think I am on the upswing.

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  1. So very, very excited for you and your family! A perfect new addition to a beautiful new home!

    Hope you have the energy to tackle that last box! (Seriously, only one more box? You put me to shame!) (I need a nap just thinking of unpacking a whole house in the time you've done it!)



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