Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonderful One's (or maybe not)

So everyone has heard of Terrible Two's, but what about Wonderful One's. I mean think about it, they are starting to really become their own little human person, walking and talking, but recently we have seen the not so wonderful size.

Let's start with nap time. These used to be the highlight of my day...not that I don't love A to death, but hey everyone needs a break to pee and breath. But now, I spend almost all of naptime going in and out of her room collecting every item that used to be in her crib and is now on the floor, and relocating it back to her crib. I know what you are going to say...just don't put it back in her crib. Logical, I hear you. But she won't fall asleep without her paci and bunny...which are always the first two items out of her crib when she doesn't want to nap. You know what...you are right! Tough love time. From this second on, I promise not to go back into her room and retrieve her items during nap time!

Good thing this blog is not in real time because she just started screaming so I went in and picked up all her things again :( Okay....from now on, tough love time! I am serious this time. (Please tell me this strategy really works!?!?)

So, on to my second point. How fun is walking! I love having this little drunk girl staggering all over our house, but in all honesty, it is terrifying! I probably have more bruises that A  does because I am constantly throwing my body across the room so she won't smash into the table, fireplace, counter, stairs, tv, bookshelf, and other deadly weapons I never knew I had in my house! Literally when she goes to bed at night, I get to take my first real deep breath of the day. We made it! One more day without a serious fall...well at least A didn't have one :)

I love all these new stages and adventures, but I now understand why all moms always say, "enjoy the stage they are in now, don't wish for it to go any faster". Here is to our Wonderful One's...stay away Terrible Two's!

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