Monday, March 7, 2011

Trying my luck...

So, it turns out Chucky was just a bad horror movie, because I definitely have his sister downstairs, oh yes, still in the box in the kitchen with the dog every night, and I am still alive! So I have decided to test my luck...going to get my wisdom teeth out today! Yikes!

On a cuter note...we had to run to the grocery store today since our fridge looked like we had been robbed, and why is it that every cute old man always smiles at A and asks what aisle I found her in? It is almost as though men go from teenage pick-up lines..."hey, baby, I got my own car...wanta see it?" To college pick-up lines..."Can I pour you a beer from the keg?" To post college pick up lines..."I just got promoted today at work, want to help me celebrate?" To middle age man pick up line...."My divorce just went through, want to be the new misses?" To my favorite...the old man pick-up line..."What aisle did you get that cute little bundle in?" or another good one we hear a lot, "where's a big smile for grandpa?" First off Sir, you are not my kids grandpa, so let's not confuse her...and I am sure if you were more than three inches from her face and had a few more teeth, she might be inclined to smile for you!

Ahh...I do really love the grocery store in the morning!

Off to get tortured :(

Daily Mom

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  1. Good luck!

    I get that line a lot when I'm out with my son, too. I usually respond, "You gotta be careful, though. They don't take returns on these!" Haha.


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