Monday, March 21, 2011

A whole new world

So, I have not been able to blog in a while...why you ask? Well, we officially have a walker! Thought we did before but now I realize how far off I was. My day now involves chasing around a tiny drunk little human. How do I have a break now to write, well I am sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store as A naps in her car seat :)

Anyway, my plight for today is simple...where do you draw the line on posting pictures, discussing kids, and sharing items about your life online? This is my current dilemma because I want to enter A in a contest in one of my favorite stores in Baltimore to be in their catalogue. However, it involves posting her picture on their website with her name! Obviously I am more protective of A since she is my first. I mean I dint even use her name here, I don't have a face book page, and I don't post her picture on line. I am sure by the third I will rent a billboard with their pictures to find a babysitter, but I am not there yet! So what to do!?! Do I emter A in the contest and go against everything I have said I won't do? And what about when she wins (of course she will, she is e cutest) then what do I do?

Well A just woke up so I can stop being a creep in the car and get some shopping done!

Daily mom

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